In the last two years I was able to photograph over 60 women during pregnancy and after their child was born.

This first steps into motherhood are magical as well as incredibly challenging. Growing human life inside of you, giving birth, embracing a new identy, admiring this miracle you brought to life.....those experiences can be so empowering - showing women how strong, mentally and physically, they really are.

By portraying women before and after birth, I want to give an intimate glimpse into the transition to motherhood

- women discovering their strength, confidence and ability to love unconditionally.

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.”

Verena and Valea

Sonja and Mona

Sabrina and Linus

Nicole and Paulina

Sandra and Valerian

Silvia and Julia

Andrea and Noah

Pia and Noreia

Kerstin and Elsa

Sabrina and Liam

Amila and Adam

Stefanie and Elias